Allied Air Command
July 8, 2022

Netherlands F-35s arrive at Volkel Air Base as new Air Combat Command is stood up

The Royal Netherlands Air Force redeployed four of their F-35 fighter aircraft to Volkel Air Base and established a new Air Combat Command re-organising its air command and control arrangements.

The first four modern F-35 fighter aircraft landed at Volkel Air Base on June 30, 2022, marking the re-establishment of the their 313 Squadron as a fifth-generation fighter unit. At the same time, the Royal Netherlands Air Force stood up a new Air Combat Command (ACC), which is comprised of the two operational fighter bases at Leeuwarden in the north and Volkel in the south and Air Operations Control Station (AOCS) based at Nieuw-Milligen in the centre of the Netherlands.


The Royal Netherlands Air Force MQ-9 unmanned aerial vehicle fleet will eventually be stationed at Leeuwarden and is also controlled by the new Air Combat Command.

“Establishing the ACC is an important step towards our 5th gen Air Force,” said Air Commodore van Deventer. “Within this new organization we join the combat capability of all our F-35s, F-16s, MQ-9s, Air Battle Management, Targeting, and Datalink management under one Commander,” he added.


Its traditional home base at Volkel, the Royal Netherlands Air Force 313 squadron is the Dutch Tiger squadron, present at many NATO Tiger Meets throughout the years….