Defense News
August 25, 2022

Abrams-maker GDLS announces $1.1 billion tank deal for Poland

Dollars will start flowing toward Poland’s long-planned purchase of tanks, as the U.S. Army taps General Dynamics Land Systems to make 250 Abrams in the newest configuration, the company announced.

The $1.148 billion contract – awarded in late July, according to the Army – will get Poland new features in communications, firepower and armor for its future Abrams fleet, per an Aug. 25 company statement.

[T]he first M1A2 SEPv3 Abrams are expected to reach the country’s military in early 2025, according a U.S. Army statement. Training for Polish soldiers began following the inauguration of an Abrams Tank Training Academy at Biedrusko Training Area, the Army announced earlier this month. The service made 28 Abrams tanks available to the country last month for that purpose.


“NATO’s strength lies in its unity, which has never been greater than it is today,” said Doug Bush, the Army’s acquisition chief….

Earlier this year, before war in Ukraine began, the U.S. State Department cleared Poland to buy American military equipment worth up to $6 billion. The proposed package, published by the Defense Security Cooperation Agency for congressional review, included the 250 tanks now under contract.

Warsaw wants to buy additional tanks from South Korea….CNN reported in late July that the Polish government hopes to get almost 1,000 copies of South Korea’s K2-based tank in a large weapons package pegged at $14.5 billion in Korean media reports. The deal also includes hundreds of self-propelled K9 howitzers, manufactured by Hanwha Defense.


Meanwhile, Polish officials were also hoping to get a batch of Leopard 2 tanks from Germany to replace some of the equipment donated to Ukraine….