November 15, 2022

Presidents of Azerbaijan and Albania made statements to the press

After the one-on-one meeting on November 15, President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev and President of the Republic of Albania Bayram Begay made statements to the press.

President Bayram Begayin

…Albania is very interested in expanding cooperation in the fields of energy, infrastructure, tourism, agriculture and industry. Of course, in the field of energy, the Ion-Adriatic pipeline connects Albania, Montenegro, Croatia, increases the geopolitical importance of our countries and demonstrates the diversification of gas supply at the regional, including European, level. We know that your country has experience in investing in this field. Albania is also very open and ready to use transit facilities on its territory. We consider it possible to fully use our gas infrastructure for this purpose. We sincerely wish for greater results in this area. Thus, we open new ways of our cooperation and we welcome the efforts of the Azerbaijani side for this purpose. We believe that by working together, we will be able to mobilize and expand our capabilities.


We would like to state that when it comes to the war in Ukraine and its consequences….Albania has always supported Azerbaijan’s territorial integrity….Regarding the war in Ukraine, I declare that we support the territorial integrity of Ukraine…

Regarding other matters, I told Mr. President that Kosovo is very important for Albania….


President Ilham Aliyev

…You mentioned that Albania has always supported the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan and this support has always been mutual, we highly appreciate it. We highly appreciate the statements of the Albanian officials, both during the occupation and during the Second Karabakh War, and the support shown to the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan.

I informed you that Armenians destroyed 65 out of 67 mosques during the occupation, and kept animals – cows and pigs – in the remaining two mosques and touched the feelings of all Muslims.

[N]ow the Azerbaijani flag is flying on the liberated lands. We have returned to these lands and life is returning to these lands. Of course, your country’s support for us in the issue that is important for our people and our state is very important for us, and I want to thank you for that once again.


As for gas supply issues, Azerbaijan and Albania are members of the TAP [Trans Adriatic Pipeline] project, and our countries played a very important role in the implementation of the Southern Gas Corridor. Representatives of Albania have always actively participated in many meetings of the Southern Gas Corridor Consultative Council held under the chairmanship of Azerbaijan and the European Union. Today, Azerbaijani gas contributes to Europe’s energy security. In July of this year, a Memorandum of Understanding on strategic cooperation in the field of energy was signed between Azerbaijan and the European Commission. Based on that Memorandum, we intend to double gas supplies to Europe by 2027. Of course, that gas will pass through the territory of Albania, thus providing additional support and contribution to Europe’s energy security.

Our gas reserves are very rich. Currently, the issue of twice expansion of both TAP [Trans Adriatic Pipeline] and TANAP [Trans-Anatolian Natural Gas Pipeline] gas pipelines is being discussed. That is, this project – the Southern Gas Corridor – has been in operation for almost two years. But the expansion of these two pipelines, which are already an integral part of the Southern Gas Corridor, is being discussed….Azerbaijan is already recognized and valued as a reliable partner by European Union officials….

At the same time, we talked with you today about the contribution we can make to the development of the gas industry in Albania. We have our thoughts on this matter. A gas network has not been established in Albania to date. Azerbaijan can participate in this field as an investor, and we are ready for it. Today we will discuss this issue and other issues related to the field of energy.

I want to touch on one more issue, Azerbaijan has a platform of close cooperation with NATO. We have actively participated in NATO operations in Afghanistan for many years. We were among the first non-NATO countries to join the peacekeeping mission. We are among the last two countries to leave Afghanistan – the last two countries were Turkey and Azerbaijan. All other NATO members left before us. That is, I want to say that this is also a manifestation of our responsibility. Albania, as a member of NATO, has always given great support to NATO-Azerbaijan relations. That’s why I am grateful to you.

Trans Adriatic Pipeline

Trans-Anatolian Natural Gas Pipeline