January 11, 2023

Ruling party MP criticises retired US General’s “insulting” statement on Georgian Gov’t position on Ukraine

Givi Mikanadze, an MP from the ruling Georgian Dream party, on Wednesday criticised Ben Hodges, the former Commander of the United States Armed Forces in Europe, for an “insulting” statement on the position of the Georgian Government on Ukraine, and said the comments were “harmful” to the reputation of Georgia.

The response followed a comment by Hodges, who on Tuesday said “I don’t understand why the Georgian government has handcuffed itself to a corpse, which is the Kremlin”, in reference to positions taken by the Government on the backdrop of the conflict in Ukraine.

Mikanadze said the statement was “directed against our country” and called it “out of touch”.

“The statement made by Ben Hodges is insulting to the state and our public, it is completely out of touch with reality. It directly reads the narrative of the [opposition] United National Movement [party]”, the lawmaker said.

In reality, we realise that this person’s goals are completely different, and with his own statements, he is trying to make a small contribution to the damaging campaign that has been waged against Georgia for several months in order to open a second front in this country and involve Georgia in hostilities [in Ukraine]”, Mikanadze said.

In his comments, the Georgian MP also said the retired General was involved in the “lobbying activities” pursued for the alleged campaign.

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