Allied Air Command
January 27, 2023

Allied Air Forces work together in Air Defence drills over Romania

France, Italy, Romania, Spain, Türkiye and the US operated within Romanian Airspace carrying out air maneuvers against simulated adversarial Air Defence systems take downs….

Allied Air Command directed a dynamic training operation between the French MAMBA system supported by Romanian F-16s and US F-15s against the Italian Eurofighters, Spanish F-18s, and Turkish F-16s. These two teams simulated air-to-air drills as well as air-to-ground drills. The fighter aircraft were supported by a Turkish refueling aircraft to extend their flight times and training opportunities. Combined Air Operations Centre at Torrejón and the Romanian Control and Reporting Centre provided the air command and control for the mission.

“Simulated training events like this are key to sharpening our skills in the air as an Alliance,” said Brigadier General Christoph Pliet, Deputy Chief of Staff Operation Allied Air Command. “Having our Air Forces train against each other enables us to enhance our forces to operate against potential adversarial integrated air defence systems to allow friendly forces freedom of maneuver essential to operations under NATO collective defence.”


“Complex training events such as an integrated air defence take down underlines NATO’s ability to focus Allied fires and effects in the same place at the same time as one cohesive Alliance,” added Pliet. “We conduct these training missions to prepare our air forces to operate in a contested environment,” he concluded.

F-15E Strike Eagle. Photo: U.S. Air Force.