Azeri Press Agency
January 30, 2023

Nuclear-armed Iran is a threat to the world: All options should be activated urgently to curb [it]

…Iran started to host terrorist organizations, concealed wanted terrorists with the red bulletin….

In a short period, Iran became the state spending the most in the world for the spread and maintenance of imperialist ideologies….

Shortly, 45 years after the revolution, mullahcracy is remembered as the place of political-diplomatic vileness, terrorism, exploitation of faith, and military tragedies in the world, which gave reason for emerging global disgust against it, and the establishment of coalitions against Tehran.


The West already understands that it has to start working. The use of Iranian “mopeds” in the Ukraine war proved once again that the mullah’s regime knows no bounds in violence, its evil hand now extends anywhere in the world, including Europe.

Blinken’s interview with the “Al Arabiyya” TV channel last day also showed that the Western political centers have brought all options to the table to restrain Iran and the military ways include here.

At this point, the “unknown” drone strikes on Iran two days ago can be considered as the last warning signal. These incidents show that there is very little time left for Tehran and that perhaps the button has already been pushed.


It is impossible that all of these complicated regional issues do not cause concern also in Azerbaijan….


Generally, all nations that the Iranian regime kept enslaved for half a century should find an answer to these questions – What kind of Islamic state is Iran that is hostile to all the neighboring Muslim countries?….

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