Polish Radio
February 1, 2023

US preparing more military aid for Ukraine: reports

The United States is preparing a new security assistance package for Ukraine that will include longer-range rockets for the first time, according to news reports.

Washington is expected to offer Kyiv longer-range rockets as well as other munitions and weapons as part of an additional assistance package worth around USD 2.2 billion, the Reuters news agency has reported, citing two US officials briefed on the matter.


Washington has provided Kyiv with about USD 27.2 billion in military aid since…February last year, according to officials.

The United States on January 19 said it would provide Ukraine with hundreds of armoured vehicles and other military equipment as part of a USD 2.5 billion security assistance package.

On January 6, the US administration said it would send more than USD 3 billion worth of new weapons to Ukraine, including Bradley fighting vehicles and new air defence missiles….

The US Army’s Transportation Command earlier this week announced a shipment of more than 60 Bradley fighting vehicles to Ukraine.