Breaking Defense
February 2, 2023

Sweden eyes next-gen, hybrid CV-90 infantry fighting vehicle

Sweden’s armed forces are hoping to adopt a next-generation, potentially hybrid version of the CV-90 infantry fighting vehicle (IFV) in “record time” given the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, according to the commander of the Swedish Army.

Addressing delegates at the International Armoured Vehicles (IAV) conference in Twickenham, UK last week, Maj. Gen. Karl Engelbrektson said the Swedish Army supported the development of an upgraded CV90 IFV between 2023 and 2027. Such a development program, he added, could be followed by procurement of an undisclosed number of next-gen CV90 variants through to 2034 “and beyond.”

The Swedish Army currently operates a total fleet of more than 500 BAE-made CV90s in a variety of configurations including Armoured Recovery, Forward Observation, Forward Command, Mortar and Anti-Aircraft variants. In November 2022, the Swedish Army also elected to procure a further pair of new variants in the form of the CV90 Forward Maintenance vehicle and Combat Engineer vehicles.

“My job as Commander of the Swedish Army is to give clear directions, not least in these times when a sense of urgency and rapid effects is important,” he explained to Breaking Defense after the event.


“The main weapon position has been changed, resulting in even better vehicle balance, as well as creating new options for alternative solutions for both weaponry and crew, including significantly improved lethality and ergonomics,” a company statement explained.

As for a potential next-gen vehicle, once those are designed and prototyped, they would expect to be demonstrated at the CV90 Users Club, which features senior leadership representation from existing customers including Sweden, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, the Netherlands, Norway, Switzerland and most recently Ukraine. (On Jan. 19, Sweden announced it would be donating a total of 50 CV90 IFVs to the Ukrainian Armed Forces as they continue to conduct full-scale combat operations against Russian armed forces.)