Polish Radio
March 3, 2023

Poland aims to build Europe’s strongest army: defence minister

Mariusz Błaszczak made the statement in a media interview on Friday.

Błaszczak, who is also a deputy prime minister, told broadcaster Radio Poznań: “The strongest army in the world is the US Army, but indeed we can say that we’re going to have NATO’s second-strongest army. It’s a very realistic prospect and it will happen soon.”

He added: “We are consistently strengthening the Polish army, equipping it with modern weapons, which are produced according to NATO standards. They come from the United States, South Korea and the Polish arms industry.”

Polish-South Korean arms consortium

Błaszczak also said in the interview that Warsaw and Seoul had agreed to create a Polish-South Korean “consortium of arms makers.”

Błaszczak said fellow NATO defence ministers had told him “on many occasions” that their countries’ armed forces were “in dire need of new tanks.”

He told Radio Poznań: “I am convinced that we’ll beat the competition and the excellent K2PL tanks will go not only to the Polish army, but also many fellow NATO armies.”