Jordan is a NATO Enhanced Opportunity Partner and a member of the Partnership Interoperability Initiative along with Australia, Finland, Georgia, Sweden and Ukraine. It is also a member of NATO’s Mediterranean Dialogue partnership with Algeria, Egypt, Israel, Mauritania, Morocco and Tunisia. It has participated in NATO’s wars and occupations in Bosnia, Yugoslavia, Afghanistan and Libya. – RR


March 8, 2023

NATO delivers buses to the Military Women’s Training Centre of Jordan

[T]wo 23-seater buses were delivered to the Military Women’s Training Centre (MWTC) of the Jordanian Armed Forces in Zarqa on Sunday (5 March 2023), as part of NATO’s Defence Capacity Building (DCB) package for Jordan.

The handover was made in the presence of representatives from Australia and the Netherlands as donor nations, Romania in its capacity as NATO Contact Point Embassy in Jordan, as well as NATO representatives and the MWTC Commander.

[T]hese buses will also contribute to Jordan’s efforts to increase the number of women in the armed forces and support women’s access to leadership positions in the military.

The Military Women’s Training Centre was established under NATO’s DCB initiative and has been operational since November 2020. NATO’s DCB initiative was launched in September 2014 at the NATO Summit in Wales. It helps partners…and, therefore, contributes to the security of the Alliance. Jordan has been a recipient of the initiative since its inception in 2014.