The First News
March 15, 2023

First permanently based U.S soldiers adapt to new life in Poland

Two of the first US soldiers to be permanently based in the country, the Victory Corps soldiers have been posted to Camp Kościuszko in Poznań.


The stationing follows President Joe Biden’s announcement last year that the United States would boost its military presence in Europe by creating a permanent HQ for its Army V Corps in Poland in response to threats coming from Moscow after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Previously, soldiers assigned to the V Corps had to rotate for nine months.

A U.S. Army press release said last week: “The permanent presence of V Corps soldiers in Poland plays a vital role by boosting and assuring operational readiness.”


“It was a really big help. I was also able to get with Army Garrison Support Poland and they helped me find realtors and websites for housing.”

Joe “Send troops everywhere, if it moves bomb it, if it doesn’t move bomb it” Biden. Photograph: Polish Press Agency.