Ivory Coast would never have hosted such an event if France and its NATO ally in Washington had not intervened militarily to overthrow the government of President Laurent Gbagbo in 2011 – RR


Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe
March 20, 2023

Video: United Against Terrorism – Exercise Flintlock 2023

What are NATO Allies doing about terrorism? Exercise Flintlock23 wrapped up last week with nearly 30 nations, to include 10 NATO Special Operations Forces.

For 2 weeks NATO SOF worked closely with African nations to improve interoperability….FLINTLOCK 2023 is a US Special Operations Command Africa exercise with 14 NATO Allies and one NATO partner designed around the concept of interoperability between military and civilian organisations….

Flintlock 2023 was conducted March 1-15, 2023, in Ghana and Côte d’Ivoire. The exercise included approximately 1,300 personnel from 28 nations from NATO Allies and Partners, African Union and other nations.