Anyone who can’t see what’s coming requires cataract surgery pronto.


Azeri Press Agency
March 22, 2023

Iran crosses all ‘red lines’

Unable to stomach Victory of Azerbaijan in 44-Day Patriotic War, Iran cannot settle down in any way. Since the victory, we have been faced with provocations by Iran almost every day. The Tehran regime, which deepens relations with Armenia at every step, has recently increased its threats against Azerbaijan. The fact….shows once again how ugly Iran’s goals are.

Tehran, which provided all kinds of support, including military support, to Armenia during the just war of Azerbaijan, once again demonstrated this support with large-scale military exercises on the opposite side of the border zone that we liberated after the end of the war….Iran did not even once condemn Armenia’s occupation of the territories of Azerbaijan, its Muslim brother, for 30 years. After the Patriotic War, Iran declared the inviolability of Armenia’s borders as its ‘red line’.

Additionally, Iran continued its impudence and carried out illegal cargo transportation for separatist groups in the territories of Karabakh under the temporary control of Russian peacekeepers. This brazenness of Tehran was prevented only after Azerbaijan’s sharp and decisive steps.

There is no doubt that today Iran is the main obstacle to the implementation of the provision for the opening of communications and roads in the Trilateral Declaration of the leaders of Azerbaijan, Russia and Armenia. More than Armenia, Iran is blocking the restoration of the land route between western Azerbaijan and Nakhchivan….

The fact that Iran hastily opened a consulate in Gafan city of Armenia, as well as statements about the planned opening of an Armenian consulate in Tabriz, where Azerbaijani Turks make up the absolute majority of the population and which Azerbaijanis consider the spiritual capital of the world, show what evil games Tehran is playing.

Iran being a terrorist state is known to the whole world….

The noteworthy point is that Iran directs its threats not only against Azerbaijan, but also against its closest ally, Türkiye. The latest actions of the Tehran regime, which does not hide its extreme concern about the Azerbaijan-Türkiye alliance and brotherhood, are addressed to Ankara, besides to Baku.

…Iranian sources are reporting that the air base in Tabriz is in full combat readiness, that the country’s Air Force has been switched from normal mode to combat readiness to patrol the Iran-Azerbaijani border, and that flights are being carried out along the border with Azerbaijan….With its latest actions, Tehran no longer hides its plans to attack Azerbaijan.

The new realities that have arisen in the region have added haram to Iran’s dream. Because the strengthening of Azerbaijan and the degradation of its closest ally and partner, Armenia, have upset Iran’s plans….It is better if Tehran draws conclusions from the fate of its friend-brother Yerevan. Azerbaijan and Türkiye have always reached and will reach their goals….