Trend News Agency
March 26, 2023

Azerbaijani Ambassador presents his credentials to President of Israel

Azerbaijani Ambassador to Israel Mukhtar Mammadov presented his credentials to Israeli President Isaac Herzog, the ambassador wrote on his Twitter page, Trend reports.

According to Mammadov, it is a great honor and pride for him to present his credentials to the President of the State of Israel as the first ambassador of the Republic of Azerbaijan to Israel.

Photo: Trend News Agency.


Jerusalem Post
March 26, 2023

Azerbaijan’s first ambassador to Israel presents credentials to Herzog

Following a 15-day delay, Mukhtar Mammadov, the first-ever ambassador of Azerbaijan to Israel, on Sunday evening presented his credentials to President Isaac Herzog.

Mammadov, along with the ambassadors of Guatemala, Ecuador, Sri Lanka, Suriname and Malawi, had originally been scheduled to present his credentials on March 9, which was a Thursday, and a day of national paralysis, causing the presentation ceremony to be postponed.