U.S. Air Forces in Europe and Air Forces Africa
March 23, 2023

Bomber Task Force Europe: B-52s improve capabilities and demonstrate allied cohesion in the Mediterranean

Two B-52s from the 23rd Bomb Squadron operating out of Morón Air Base, Spain flew a Bomber Task Force mission over the Mediterranean region, March 22, 2023.

The aircraft integrated with Italian F-35s and Hellenic F-16s to refine interoperability procedures over Southern Europe. The use of the B-52 aircraft demonstrates the U.S. commitment to international treaties and allies’ concerns while maintaining real world capabilities at the heart of our exercises.


The bomber aircraft also integrated with Hungarian Armed Forces, flying with their JAS 39 Gripens in joint terminal attack controller training in their airspace, demonstrating allied cohesion and assurance of our partners.

“Integrating with our partners enable us to maintain a sufficient and sustainable force posture in Europe to act when called upon,” said Lt. Col Loucks.