Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe
March 26, 2023

NATO accredited Centres of Excellence highlighted at Qatar Conference

The recent Military Strategic Partnership Conference in Doha Qatar, which was held Mar. 13 to 17, 2023, included a vital element of abundant exhibitions provided by numerous NATO entities and stakeholders.

A significant information and education display was the NATO accredited Centres of Excellence (COE) stand….

The Centres of Excellence provide expertise on topics such as Concept Development, Education and Training, Exercise and Evaluation and Doctrine Development. A key advantage of all COEs are they do not duplicate existing facilities, conform to NATO procedures and standards….

“This has been an excellent opportunity to highlight the relevance of COEs that are available to NATO and Partners…,” said Commander Chris Hache, ACT [NATO’s Allied Command Transformation in Norfolk, Virginia] Staff Officer, COE Coordinator for Concept Development. “COEs also provide opportunities for contributing partners where capabilities and skills can be exchanged under the umbrella of defence capacity building.”

There are currently 28 COEs located in Europe and North America with a further 2 under development – the Space COE located in France and the Climate Change and Security COE (CCASCOE) in Canada. The Space COE was established earlier this year, and the CCAS COE is expected to be established later in 2023.