Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe
May 17, 2023

Swedish Armed Forces and Partners conclude Exercise Aurora 23

Swedish Armed Forces and Partners wrapped up Sweden’s defence exercise Aurora 23 on May 14, 2023, in southern Sweden.

The exercise was designed to reinforce the collected capability of all service branches and other armed forces to counter an armed attack on Sweden. The exercise included several demanding operations concluding with the 1stDivision successfully defending home territory.

…As throughout all operational phases of Exercise Aurora 23, the last element provided free flowing manoeuvres where commanders exercised their command and control procedures during a sustained fast moving battle tempo.

“…Meeting the mechanized company command post staff, and the Swedish tank armour crews has completely reinforced to me how professional and well trained these personnel are in their respective combat arms,” said Rear Admiral Bruåsdal. “…This exercise has been an enormous success and I know I speak for all when I say we all look forward to Sweden joining the Alliance as a vital member.”

…Those travelling back to the North of Sweden under went further enablement logistic tasks and controlled air, sea and land movements before successfully finishing on May 14.

Photo: SHAPE