Turkish daily mulls Ankara-Islamabad ties amid developments in Afghanistan


An opinion piece in Turkey’s Yeni Shafak newspaper has analyzed the future of Ankara-Islamabad ties amid NATO’s new policies in Turkestan and Afghanistan.

Stressing that after the withdrawal of the US troops, Turkey, as a NATO country, has been “assigned” a new role in Afghanistan and Turkestan region, the daily said that the US goal in the region runs counter to that of China that has close relations with Turkey’s ally Pakistan.


“How will our Pakistani friends respond to Turkey’s appearance in Afghanistan through a NATO mission and its inevitable party to the East Turkestan issue in line with the policies of the USA and NATO? The President of Turkey, of course, rightly warned China over East Turkestan with his latest speech. We do not know the reflection of this in Pakistan. Why is Pakistan, an Islamic state, so silent about what is happening in East Turkestan, which is a Muslim? Why can’t Imran Khan take a clear stand in the face of the questions asked to him on this matter?”


“…Turkey’s expectation is to turn its presence in Afghanistan into an opportunity and to get a little closer to the Turkish world. At the final stage, there is a design to implement the Union of Turkish States.”

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