From the Syrian Arab News Agency. The Turkish press is full of “preparatory” reports laying the groundwork for military intervention in Tunisia: here and here and here. This is as Turkey grows more aggressive by the day in Cyprus, Syria, Libya, Iraq, the South Caucasus and the Black Sea/Ukraine.

Syria strongly condemns Turkish regime’s interference in Tunisian affairs

Damascus – Syria strongly condemned on Wednesday the Turkish regime’s interference in Tunisia’s domestic affairs, stressing that the Turkish policy can only support the extremist Brotherhood approach which seeks to destroy countries, fragment their national unity, and impose its abnormal agendas and policies on other countries and peoples.

“While the Syrian Arab Republic affirms its respect for the sovereignty and independence of states and non-interference in their affairs, it has followed the blatant Turkish interference in the affairs of Tunisia, and it strongly condemns these acts,” an official source at the Foreign and Expatriates Ministry said in a statement to SANA.