The commander of V Corps spoke of U.S.-Polish military cooperation in the context of “NATO allies…deterring aggression in the region.”

V Corps strengthens bond between US and Poland during welcome ceremony

The U.S. Army’s Fifth Corps held a welcome ceremony for Maj. Gen. Adam Joks, Deputy Commanding General of Interoperability, and Brig. Gen. Matthew Van Wagenen, Deputy Commanding General of Maneuver, at Fort Knox, Kentucky, Aug. 4, 2021.

“Today is an important milestone for this headquarters, but it is also an important day for the United States and Poland,” said [V Corps commander Lieutenant General John] Kolasheski. “Today marks the first time since the Revolutionary War that a very senior Polish officer has been assigned to a U.S. military outfit.”

[Major General Adam Joks, U.S. Army’s Fifth Corps Deputy Commanding General of Interoperability], a graduate of the National Defense Academy in Warsaw, Poland, is coming to V Corps after commanding NATO’s Joint Force Training Centre, Bydgoszcz, Poland.

“As Deputy Commander for Interoperability, we will make the Victory Corps more interoperable with NATO, and ensure integration with Poland’s armed forces hosting the Victory Corps forward headquarters,” said Maj. Gen. Joks.

Photograph: U.S. Army