Evidently the term indigenous is employed to differentiate all other ethnic groups from Russian speakers. They are then implicitly invaders according to the calculus. Note the glaring geographical disparities between eastern and western Ukraine. That discrepancy will be used to prove that ethnic Russians are “genocidal Islamophobic racists.” The bombs and cruise missiles come next.

Over half of Ukrainians support formation of Crimean Tatar autonomy

Some 57% of Ukrainian citizens support the formation of Crimean Tatar autonomy after the de-occupation of Crimea and 61% support the status of the Crimean Tatar people as an indigenous people of Ukraine….

Currently, the largest support for Crimean Tatar national autonomy remains in Ukraine’s western (66%) and central (64%) regions, and the lowest support was recorded in the country’s southern (48%) and eastern (44%) regions.

The greatest support for granting the status of an indigenous people to the Crimean Tatars is observed in Ukraine’s western (71%) and central (68%) regions and the lowest support in the eastern and southern (49%), where there are also many people undecided on this issue. [Bombs are the great persuader.]