AEGIS Ashore Romania Celebrates Five Years of BMD Contribution to NATO

AAMDS Romania is under the operational control of U.S. Navy’s Sixth Fleet via Commander, Task Force (CTF) 64 based in Naples, Italy, and is a critical part of the European Phased Adaptive Approach (EPAA) which calls for ballistic missile defense (BMD) capable Aegis ships and Aegis Ashore sites….


“Aegis Ashore represents a persistent and enduring capability that transcends geographic boundaries and the domains of land, sea, air and space. Daily, the Romanian 99th Military Base hosting Aegis Ashore and our Sailors in the AAMDS Combat Information Center generate Surveillance and (if required)…kinetic effects in Low Earth Orbit to defend our partner nations. Aegis Ashore is the NATO Alliance conducting the highest of high-end warfare every day!”