From a report of first Vice-Speaker of the Parliament, Peter Gassiev, at a session of the South Ossetian parliament in reference to seven Western nations, six of them NATO members, demanding his nation be surrendered to Georgia ahead of the thirteenth anniversary of the U.S.- and NATO-backed invasion of his small nation in 2008. He singled out Britain in particular, as is evident below.

It’s time for the West to come to terms with the reality of the existence of the independent South Ossetia – Peter Gassiev

“I must say that Great Britain quite surprised me by the fact that it signed this statement – during its history this country occupied almost the whole world; there are only 22 countries in the world today that had never been occupied by it. The USA is a former British colony, and today it is under the strict control of the UK ruling elite. Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Nigeria, Syria, Yemen – the countries where the centers of the world terrorism are located – today were under British occupation for many years,” the parliamentarian stressed.

The first Vice-Speaker has noted that the most dangerous ISIS fighters were trained in Britain at one time. According to him, Osama bin Laden also received an education at the secular British college Tajer. According to him, the leaders of the Algerian Armed Islamic Group (GIA), who have been terrorizing the country’s population for almost thirty years, hired professionals in Britain.

“The godless policy of the British shadow government has drowned humanity in blood over the past 300 years. Millions of human lives have been sacrificed to the selfish colonial and merciless racial policies of Britain’s shadow elites. They initiated the most massive genocides in history, including against their own people.”


According to Gassiev, not a single country, not a single leader, not a single nation can stand alone against the cunning and sophistication of such a well-organized force that has penetrated the deepest layers of states. He has noted that the shadow government of Britain has created a colossal state – political, intelligence – military, financial and economic mechanisms of the fight against countries and peoples, the fight against humanity for world domination.