From the head of history’s only nuclear alliance.

Nato chief alarmed by construction of new Chinese nuclear missile silos

Nato Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg has expressed concern about the construction of new missile silos by China that could significantly step up the country’s nuclear capabilities.

China was also rapidly expanding its nuclear arsenal with more warheads and a more sophisticated delivery system in an unrestricted manner, Stoltenberg said on Monday at a Nato conference on arms control issues organised in Copenhagen.


NATO accuses North Korea of ‘spreading dangerous technology’

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization’s (NATO) Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg slammed North Korea for violating arms control rules and advancing nuclear capabilities on Monday, calling for a stronger Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) to help enforce global norms against nuclear weapons.

During the 17th NATO conference on arms control and weapons of mass destruction on Monday, Stoltenberg denounced the DPRK along with Iran for “ignoring or breaking the global rules” and “spreading dangerous technology.”