Government proposes 500 new jobs for Finnish Defence Forces

The report describes Finland’s defence environment as being “tense and difficult to predict.” It emphasises the growing strategic importance of Finland’s neighbouring Arctic areas and the perception of Northern European defence as a whole.

The report furthermore points to intensified competition between the great powers affecting Finland’s security. China’s rise as a global player has changed the balance of power.

“The effects of the means of influence used by China on the security of the target countries are of growing concern,” said Esa Pulkkinen, Director General of the Ministry of Defence.


NATO is described in the report as an “actor promoting security and stability”, and states Finland retains the option to apply for NATO membership.

The United States is mentioned as “an important and close partner for Finland”….

Regarding Russia, the policy report states, “Russia’s actions …show that its threshold for using and exerting military force…has been lowered.