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British Army Challenger tanks arrive in Paldiski port

Challenger 2 Main Battle Tanks (MBT) from the British Army’s Royal Tank Regiment (RTR) arrived in Paldiski port Thursday, ETV news show ‘Aktuaalne kaamera’ (AK) reports.

Commander of the U.K.-led NATO Enhanced Forward Presence (eFP) Battlegroup Col. Dai Bevan told AK that the heavy armor – a Challenger 2 weighs about 64 tonnes – would be put to good use in the conditions Estonia offers.


“[S]ince 2017, when the first NATO battle group soldiers arrived in Estonia, we have been doing it regularly, and we already know well what to expect.”


Challenger 2s have been in Estonia already in the recent past, as have French Leclerc heavy tanks. French transport vehicles were also used in the ferrying of the tanks to Tapa.


The eFP is unrelated to the NATO Baltic Air Policing mission, based at Ämari and currently held by the Italian Air Force.