This is from Hürriyet, Turkey’s largest-circulation newspaper. It appears as though the second paragraph is aimed against the U.S. as the first and third are against Russia.


Sovereign equality is the key to a solution on Cyprus

It’s been voiced again lately. Turkey should pursue give-and-take politics with Russia. Of course, relations between countries develop, or regress, based on interests, not on the rhetoric of “eternal friendship.”

Who founded the Taliban or the Daesh? What costs did a major country undertake to set up such heinous hordes? How can a country, which today has been abetting the terrorist structure in northern Syria and supporting it, knowing that all kinds of weapons and ammunition aid were provided so that it could fight another terrorist structure can indeed be used against Turkey? Let alone the claim that it is a “strategic partner,” can such a country providing arms, ammunition, all kinds of military vehicles and political support to a gang that still is on its own list of terrorist organizations be seen as friendly?


Some people argue that they know foreign policy, especially engaging in odd but win-win arrangements. For instance, someone says, “Let’s recognize Russia’s annexation of Crimea, and Russia should recognize the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC), or at least not oppose the recognition of it by some of its satellite countries.” These friends are not aware of Crimea, its importance for Turkey and Turks, Turkey’s relations with Ukraine, nor Turkey’s interests….