Not that one should expect Russia to do more here than it does in all other situations: talk.


Moscow condemns Pristina’s antics in northern Kosovo — statement

“We decisively condemn the antics of the Albanian Kosovan leaders who feel impunity and use any excuse to achieve a spike of Serbophobia in the local community ahead of the October 17 elections, and use this wave to ensure a superiority of ultra-nationalistic forces, incapable of negotiation,” the spokeswoman said.

She noted that Pristina’s aggressive course with the connivance of Western countries only complicates the already problematic dialogue with Belgrade.


“Warning: this line of Pristina and the feeble reaction of its external ‘curators’ inevitably cause degradation to an open conflict and destroy the preconditions for the already stalling dialogue between the sides,” the statement says.

The spokeswoman underscored that the Kosovars demonstratively display their unwillingness to “abolish their aggressive plans, aimed at cleansing the province of all non-Albanian residents by creating insufferable living conditions.”

“We demand that the Kosovo Force [international forces led by NATO – TASS] fulfill its mandate in accordance with the UN Security Council Resolution 1244 and quell the unhinged Albanian Kosovan radicals. We note that the NATO-led international contingent is fully responsible for ensuring peace and security in the region,” Zakharova concluded. [That is, Moscow calls on NATO to correct the very crisis it created and has sustained for twenty-two years.]