NATO Partnerships Directorate Visits Azerbaijan

NATO Partnerships Directorate (PD) visited Baku in the Republic of Azerbaijan, Oct. 11– 16, 2021, for a series of engagements with the Azerbaijani Ministry of Defence, including the International Military Cooperation Department.

“The importance of these NATO Day visits to Partner nations has significant and far reaching value. They provide invaluable opportunities to…reinforce interoperability. The quality, expertise and professionalism of the Azerbaijani forces are recognized at all levels where their contributions to NATO activities are most welcome,” said Rear Admiral Bulent Turan, Deputy Chief of Staff Partnerships Directorate….

NATO relations with Azerbaijan started in 1992, when Azerbaijan joined the North Atlantic Cooperation Council. This forum for dialogue was succeeded in 1997 by the Euro-Atlantic Partnership Council, which brings together all Allies and partner countries in the Euro-Atlantic area. Bilateral cooperation began when Azerbaijan joined the Partnership for Peace (PfP) programme in 1994. Thanks to regular participation in PfP activities, Azerbaijan has been able to contribute actively to Euro-Atlantic security by supporting NATO-led…operations.

“Azerbaijan fully understands its role and contributions as a partner in NATO’s operations and activities and we are proud to be part of a wider security framework. This first visit in 2021 after a year marked by the COVID-19 pandemic has been extremely useful and even more important reflecting 27 years of Azerbaijani NATO co-operation. The NATO team has engaged with junior, middle and senior military management to participate in very informative briefings. Every engagements have been a great venue to create awareness in different aspects of the Azerbaijan-NATO practical cooperation which will further contribute to effectiveness of future activities,” said Lieutenant-Colonel Ramil Shukurov, Partner Nation Military Representative for the Republic of Azerbaijan at SHAPE.

Photograph: NATO Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe