Aptly enough Kvien has a graduate degree from the United States Army War College. Europeans may want to ask themselves how European their union is when a U.S. State Department functionary determines the criteria for European candidate countries joining it.


Ukraine needs judicial reform to join NATO and EU, CDA Kvien believes

The United States does not peg the amount of financial support for Ukraine to progress in reforming the judiciary but recalls that its reboot is necessary to achieve the goals of NATO and EU membership.

“The United States will always support Ukraine in its pursuit of transparency….However, I would say that in order to achieve its own goals – to boost foreign investment, to join NATO and the EU – Ukraine will have to improve. In particular, it concerns the rule of law and the judiciary,” Chargé d’Affaires of the United States in Ukraine Kristina Kvien said….


She added that U.S. companies could not be forced to invest in the country until they felt confident in the Ukrainian judicial system.

Kvien with NATO’s Joint Multinational Training Group in Ukraine in April. “As we stand here in Yavoriv, tens of thousands of Russian forces stand near the border with Ukraine and in the Ukrainian territory of Crimea, and are increasing in number.