The German and Japanese warplane pilots will graduate next year to the Decimomannu Air Base in Sardinia, which is described as a front-line NATO training facility used by fighter jets from the military bloc’s thirty members; its forty partners, too, evidently.


Japanese fighter pilots to start training in Italy

Fledgling fighter pilots from Japan are signing up for training in Italy as the Mediterranean country’s pilot school expands operations.

In a deal signed between the air force chiefs of Italy and Japan, Japanese pilots will undertake Phase 4 advanced training courses in Italy, while Japanese instructors may arrive at a later date to work with Italian colleagues.

Currently based at Galatina air base in southern heel of Italy, phase 4 students will transfer next year to a new dedicated facility at Decimomannu air base on the Italian island of Sardinia.

The Japanese pilots will join German pilots who are due to arrive following a deal struck with the German air force in September, while Qatari pilots are already undertaking Phase 4 training in Italy.

NATO’s Decimomannu Air Base