Turkish occupation brings 200 vehicles to reinforce its posts in Idleb

200 military vehicles affiliated with the Turkish occupation forces have entered the Idleb western countryside with the aim of reinforcing their posts and increasing their direct support for the terrorist organizations deployed in northern Syria.

“More than 200 vehicles laden with advanced arms, ammunition and logistics materials entered through the illegal Kherbet al-Jouz border crossing in two batches,” according to local and media sources.

The vehicles deployed to Idleb western countryside and Jabal al-Zawyia, northwest of the province, to reinforce the posts of the Turkish occupation and to provide direct support to terrorist organizations which are backed by the Turkish regime, and to implement the hostile agendas of this regime against the Syrians in the areas where they are deployed.

On Tuesday, the Turkish occupation forces brought military reinforcements that included vehicles, armored personnel carriers, weapons and logistical supplies which were sent to the terrorists in the Ras al-Ayn area, Hasaka northwestern countryside.

Photo: Syrian Arab News Agency