Hungary tests Turkish drones as it reviews possible purchase – report

Military drones from Turkey were spotted at a military base in Hungary, where the unmanned aerial vehicles are being considered for a procurement….

The first sighting of Turkish drones in Hungary came on November 4, when a local outlet identified a Karayel-SU at Papa Air Base, noting the drone was being tested in a training exercise by the Hungarian military ahead of a possible purchase.


[I]f does go ahead with one, Hungary will join Poland as the second NATO and European Union member state to add Turkish military drones to their arsenal.

Turkey’s armed drones have become an important symbol of military pride after their successful use in recent conflicts in the Middle East and Southern Caucasus….

To date, Turkey’s TB-2 drone is in service with Ankara’s allies Qatar, Libya, Ukraine, and Azerbaijan. Other countries that have shown their interest in Turkish drones include Latvia, Kazakhstan and Pakistan among others.