Estonia is home to the NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence which is used to spy on independent news sites (like this one) around the world.

NATO’s flagship cyber defence exercise kicks off in Estonia

Cyber Coalition 21, one of the world’s largest annual exercises in cyber defence, starts on Monday (29 November 2021), and will run through Friday. Cyber defenders from all NATO Allies, as well as partners Finland, Ireland, Sweden and Switzerland, are taking part, alongside participants from industry and academia. Overall, some 1,000 people will train in this year’s event, which is taking place in Tallinn, Estonia, as well as remotely, from national capitals and other locations.

The exercise tests and trains cyber experts in their ability to defend NATO and national networks….


For NATO, Cyber Coalition 21 is a means to improve the organisation’s own IT network protections and fine-tune its mechanisms for real-time information exchange with Allies and partners….

For the first time, Cyber Coalition 21 is taking place in the Cyber Range in Tallinn, a platform for realistic, virtual cyber exercises operated by the Estonian Defence Forces.

Photograph: NATO