Ukraine ambassador demands that Germany stop blocking arms supplies to Kyiv

This was stated by Ambassador of Ukraine to Germany Andrij Melnyk, who spoke with the Funke Mediagruppe newspapers, Ukrinform reports.

The envoy called on the newly-appointed government to “abandon the existing policy of blocking, which in terms of morality is completely wrong, and urgently provide Ukraine with the required defense weapons….”

According to the ambassador, Germany bears the same historical responsibility to Ukraine for the crimes of Nazism as it does to Israel. That is why, according to the diplomat, Ukraine has the right to count on “massive military support” from Germany immediately….


In addition, the diplomat called on the German government to lobby for Ukraine’s accession to NATO and the EU as soon as possible. In his opinion, only Ukraine’s membership in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization will repel Putin from any temptation to invade Ukraine.


Melnyk warned Germany against “a policy of appeasement towards an increasingly aggressive Russia.” He called on the West to “treat Moscow as a leper, a pariah state that must be subjected to international isolation.”