Russia orders snap inspection of troops’ readiness for rapid deployment

Patience with West has come to an end – Moscow

US claims Russia preparing ‘false flag’ in Ukraine

Is Russia really preparing an offensive against Ukraine?

Russia reveals when it expects Western response to security proposals


Russia able to ensure its security, not going to wait for West’s promises – top diplomat

Lavrov strikes back at US diplomat’s ‘return troops to the barracks’ comment

NATO set to negotiate with Russia only informally on not taking Ukraine into bloc – expert


Russia ready for possible U.S. sanctions, including economic – Lavrov

Russian proposals on security guarantees didn’t meet appropriate response from OSCE partners – envoy

Kremlin calls Russian-U.S. talks unsuccessful, feels negative about threats of new sanctions

Termination of NATO’s Open Door Policy, non-enlargement east are ‘absolute imperative’ for Russia – Deputy FM Grushko

Sputnik News:

‘To Kill Russians’? CIA Reportedly Trained Ukrainian Squads to Launch Anti-Russian Insurgency

Stoltenberg: NATO’s Already Decided to Make Ukraine, Georgia Members, Didn’t Say When It’ll Occur

Russia-NATO Talks: How the Cold War-Era Hubris of the Bloc Limits Pan-European Security

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RIA Novosti:

Western media hide the essence of negotiations with Russia

Ukraine was warned about the loss of territories in case of joining NATO

Colonel of the SBU revealed three conditions for the early entry of Ukraine into NATO