Artsakh FM: Azerbaijan attack on Karabakh will mean attack on Russia

No one can guarantee the complete absence of the possibility of a new war, but now such a possibility is very small, Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh) Foreign Minister David Babayan told a press conference Wednesday.

He stressed that a large-scale attack on Armenia would mean an attack on the CSTO, and this simply could not go unnoticed.

“We saw the recent events in Kazakhstan, and the reaction of the CSTO. And in case of an attack on Armenia, there will be a reaction at least from the Russian side, especially if Turkey joins [this attack]. As for the possibility of an attack on Karabakh, peace and stability [there] are maintained by the Russian peacekeepers. An attack on Artsakh will automatically mean an attack on the Russian peacekeepers and Russia. It will be a different kind of war. It will not be a war between Azerbaijan and Artsakh and Armenia. I do not think that Azerbaijan does not understand that. If the terrorists, pan-Turkists in Kazakhstan managed to achieve their goal, the probability of war would have been 100 percent. Now the probability is small,” the Artsakh FM added.