Daily Mail
January 24, 2022

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(The NATO Response Force has recently been tripled in size to 40,000 rapidly-deployable, combat-ready troops and its Very High Readiness Joint Task Force consists of 20,000, as stated by Pentagon spokesman John Kirby in the video below.)

Biden is poised to deploy US forces: President is in ‘final stages’ of identifying military units of up to 50,000 troops, warships and aircraft to send to NATO allies in Eastern Europe over fears Russia is about to invade Ukraine

Joe Biden is finalizing his plans to deploy U.S. forces as Russia posies itself to invade Ukraine, a new report revealed as the president faces backlash from Ukraine for pulling embassy personnel and considers deploying up to 50,000 American troops.

CNN reported Monday that several U.S. officials claim the administration is in the final stages of identifying which military units to send to Eastern Europe to deter Russia and is preparing orders should they decide to deploy troops.


Biden is considering deploying up to 50,000 US troops as well as aircraft and warships to eastern Europe….

The plan would see between 1,000 and 5,000 soldiers sent to NATO nations such as Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia, which border Russian territory.

Troop numbers could then be increased up to 50,000 if the security situation deteriorates, backed up by fresh deployments of ships and aircraft.

Pentagon officials presented the plan to Biden during a summit at Camp David over the weekend, convened to discuss military options….