As it did in 1941. Transnistria should be very apprehensive, boxed in as it is by Moldova/Romania and Ukraine.

Decision to send US troops to Romania exists, it is not conditioned by possible intervention of Russia in Ukraine

The Minister of National Defence, Vasile Dincu, declared on Wednesday evening that the decision regarding the deployment in the next period of a contingent of 1,000 American troops in Romania has existed for a long time and is not directly related to the situation in the region and, as such, it is not conditioned by a possible Russian intervention in Ukraine.

The minister thus responded when asked on Antena 3 to comment on a CNN piece of news according to which the American administration has already decided the number of American troops to be sent to Romania, and that, based on the high-level dialogue, three NATO member states on the flank Eastern Europeans agreed to receive 1,000 US troops on their territory – Romania, Poland and Hungary.


President Iohannis after the CSAT meeting: Romania shares over 600 kilometres of border with Ukraine, we must be prepared for any possible scenario….

“The current security crisis created by Russia is not just about Ukraine, it’s not just about regional security in the Black Sea and not even about European security, it’s about the security of the entire Euro-Atlantic area.”

Romania, he added, continues to support the current approach at the Euro-Atlantic level, showing that the country has been very actively involved from a diplomatic point of view in adopting decisions at NATO and EU level using its geographical position and strategic interest in the stability of NATO’s Eastern Neighbourhood and the European Union.


The chief of state welcomed again the announcements of his American and French counterparts regarding the readiness of the US and France to increase their presence in Romania.

“I have said this constantly and I repeat that we are ready to host an increased NATO presence on our soil. In fact, following the announcements of the US and France, we are in contact with the two allies to establish concretely the arrangements for the military presence of the two partners,” Iohannis said.