The Express (Britain)
March 29, 2022

Israel urged to join NATO as Turkey seeks ‘golden prize’ of EU membership

Israel has been urged to join NATO after two diplomatic experts said “it is time to start building” towards full membership of the intergovernmental military alliance.

Israel took a step closer to NATO in 2014 when it was granted the so-called ‘Major Non-NATO Ally’ classification which added additional support on both defence and energy infrastructure. Further steps have been taken in 2016 when Israel was allowed to launch its liaison office at NATO headquarters and in 2017 after it formally signed a cooperation agreement with the defence bloc.

Writing in the Brussels Times, EU advisors Alexandre Krauss and Nuno Wahnon-Martins said: “With a solid democracy and values driven society, Israel military capabilities would fit perfectly the present and future needs of the Alliance.

“The military quality hardware, technology or intelligence would enhance NATO’s existing capabilities.

“In a moment where NATO’s budget burned share is at the centre of many debates, Israel’s military budget is near the singular value of 4.5 percent GDP.”

However, Krauss and Wahnon-Martins warn one of NATO’s articles could make war in the Middle East more likely if Israel ascended into the bloc.