March 30, 2022

Envoy: Russian MP’s anti-Azerbaijan remarks detrimental to bilateral ties

Russian ambassador to Azerbaijan Mikhail Bocharnikov has said that Russian State Duma MP Mikhail Delyagin’s earlier anti-Azerbaijan statement is detrimental to relations between the two countries.


[Delyagin] stressed that Azerbaijan “needs to be punished for its attempt to open a second front”. Delyagin accused the country of violating the truce in Karabakh and not observing the trilateral statement signed by Baku, Yerevan and Moscow in 2020. Moreover, the MP called Azerbaijan a “real danger to Russia”.


March 30, 2022

Azerbaijan entered the zone of responsibility of Russian peacekeepers in Karabakh for several days
Baku takes advantage of Russia’s distraction in Ukraine

The Azerbaijani army in Nagorno-Karabakh entered the zone of responsibility of the Russian peacekeeping contingent near the settlement of Parukh in the north-east of the region on March 24-25 and set up an observation post, which violated the tripartite ceasefire agreement from November 2020….According to experts interviewed by Vedomosti, the new flare-up in Nagorno-Karabakh is linked to Russia’s military operation in Ukraine.

The area around the village of Parukh, where there really was a severe conflict, likely with casualties, is a dominating height above the Askeran region that can be used to control and shoot across the vulnerable plain controlled by the unrecognized Nagorno-Karabakh Republic, Director of the Yerevan-based Caucasus Institute Alexander Iskandaryan told the newspaper. Azerbaijan has always had plans, even before the 2020 conflict and especially after it, to gradually and as much as possible use the situation on the ground in its favor, so Baku is striking the iron while it’s hot, according to Ivan Safranchuk, Senior Research Fellow at MGIMO.

It is obvious that Azerbaijan’s behavior is related to the situation in Ukraine and Russia’s involvement in it; this is a strategic decision made by Baku, according to Iskandaryan. Azerbaijan, the expert noted, “is probing” how far it can go and what benefits it may obtain in this circumstance. Russia is an impediment to its ambitions. “Direct attacks on Russian forces are still seen as needless in Baku. However, military activities against Karabakh Armenians can be used to test the limits of what is achievable in terms of Russia’s reaction,” Iskandaryan added.

In the current situation, Russia does not need to aggravate relations with Turkey, Safranchuk believes. Russia may not be ready to take serious risks over Armenia under the current circumstances. Thus, there is a “certain gap” that Baku is skillfully exploiting, the expert believes.

March 30, 2022

Situation in Karabakh remains tense, authorities say

The operative-tactical situation remained tense along the line of contact in Nagorno-Karabakh (Artsakh) overnight, the NKR InfoCenter said Wednesday, March 30, with Azerbaijan refusing to withdraw forces from Karaglukh, a strategic height in Karabakh.

“The authorities of the Artsakh Republic together with the command staff of the Russian peacekeeping contingent and through various diplomatic means continue the consistent work to withdraw the Azerbaijani troops to their original positions and to stabilize the military-political situation,” the Info Center said.


Azerbaijan has broken into Nagorno-Karabakh, and the incursion has left three Armenian soldiers dead and at least 14 others injured. On March 24, Azerbaijan stormed into the zone of the responsibility of the Russian peacekeepers stationed in the area and is refusing to completely withdraw its forces from strategic heights.

March 30, 2022

MP: Azerbaijan tries to break the backbone of Armenian-held part of Artsakh

Tigran Abrahamyan, an Armenian MP from the opposition With Honor faction, says that many people have no idea of the territorial and strategic significance of the village of Parukh and the adjacent Karaglukh height in Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh) partially occupied by Azerbaijani forces at this point.

“During its recent advance, Azerbaijan managed to occupy a territory in the Karaglukh area that is many times bigger than the entire administrative territory of Parukh,” he wrote on Facebook on Wednesday.

Abrahamyan underscores that various sections of the Karaglukh mountain “pose a bigger strategic threat that Parukh.”

“The Azerbaijanis used Parukh as a staging post, and immediately after the invasion they built bypass roads to break through to various parts of Karaglukh, set up and fortify positions, ensure uninterrupted supplies for themselves and then create new problems for the livelihood of Artsakh,” he stated.

“If Azerbaijan gets away with it and does not withdraw its troops to their initial points, an unprecedented situation will be created to break the backbone of the part of Artsakh that is currently under our control,” the lawmaker said.

March 30, 2022

Karabakh National Security Service establishing combat unit

A combat unit will be established within the National Security Service of Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh), which will carry out military tasks on the line of contact.

The Karabakh National Assembly on Wednesday, March 30 approved the draft law on amendments to the Law of the Republic of Artsakh On National Security Bodies, which was unveiled by Nver Gasparyan, an employee of the National Security Service of the Republic of Artsakh.

“In order to legislate the process of carrying out combat duty by the National Security Officers while protecting the state border (line of contact) of the Republic of Artsakh, it is necessary to introduce the proposed amendments to the Law on National Security Bodies,” Nver Gasparyan presented.