Allied Air Command
April 19, 2022

Belgian F-16s conduct Air-Land training with Allies for NATO’s Bold Dragon

Exercise Bold Dragon provides key air-land integration training between Belgian F-16s and UK, French and Danish soldiers in the NATO multinational battalion 13-14 Apr, 22.

Belgian F-16s have executed Close Air Support (CAS) training missions with NATO’s multinational battalion based in Estonia during Exercise Bold Dragon. The opportunity for Allied Joint Terminal Attack Controllers (JTACs) to work with Belgian colleagues builds critical relationships and practises communications between the Allies who are currently deployed to Estonia.

“Air-land integration exercises like Bold Dragon are vital for strengthening relationships and practising how we deliver multi-domain operations,” said Maj Blancquaert, Belgian F-16 Detachment Commander. “Training with our Army colleagues and alongside different Allies really highlights that NATO’s strength is our shared commitment to collective defence.”

Belgian F-16s from the 10th Wing, Kleine Brogel have been deployed in Estonia for 4 months conducting enhanced Air Policing and safeguarding the skies. Their deployment has been extended and will continue in the coming months….

Photograph: French Army