Civil Georgia
April 19, 2022

Georgian MP Returns from Ukraine War

Georgian MP Alexander Elisashvili, who volunteered to fight against the Russian invasion of Ukraine, is returning to Georgia.

Earlier today, Elisashvili wrote on Facebook that he is already in Warsaw, en route to the homeland together with his party colleague, Vice-Speaker Levan Ioseliani, who visited Ukraine the last weekend as part of a Georgian cross-party parliamentary delegation.

“The second I see I’m needed for heroic Ukraine I will return [back to fight] with more experience and more determination,” Elisashvili said.

“Death to occupiers! Glory to Ukraine! Glory to Georgia,” he added.

Alexander Elisashvili announced about joining the fight in Ukraine on March 13. He reportedly fought in the ranks of the international legion of Ukraine.

In late March MP Elisashvili said he spent four days on the frontline in Irpin during Ukraine’s military campaign to reclaim control over the satellite town northwest of Kyiv, the capital.


Civil Georgia
April 16, 2022

Three More Georgian Fighters Killed in Ukraine Today

Three more Georgian volunteers fighting for Ukraine were killed in action today, Vano Nadiradze, a long-time Georgian fighter in Ukraine announced on Facebook.

Nadiradze first reported about the death of…in the town of Rubizhne in Ukraine’s eastern Luhansk region.

Later in the day, Nadiradze wrote about the deaths of two more Georgian fighters….

With the passing of the three men, the death toll of Georgian volunteer fighters…has increased to nine.

Most recently…were killed in Russian artillery fire near Izium, northeastern Ukraine on April 9.

Before that…was killed in action in Irpin, northwest of Kyiv, on March 26.

…were also killed on the Irpin front on March 18, while on March 19 reports emerged about the death of…in [the] besieged port city of Mariupol.