Polish Radio
April 21, 2022

Poland sends billions in military aid to Ukraine: spokesman

Poland has sent billions worth of military assistance to war-torn Ukraine, the government spokesman said on Thursday.

On Wednesday, Poland’s President Andrzej Duda and senior government ministers agreed “to continue military supplies to Ukraine” amid Russia’s invasion, Müller said.

“And this is what matters the most at the moment because preparations are being made…for the biggest armoured battle since the Second World War,” he added, as quoted by Polish state news agency PAP.

Müller was referring to Russia’s all-out assault on eastern Ukraine, dubbed “the Battle of Donbas,” the PAP news agency reported.


Polish military aid to Ukraine ‘runs into billions’

Müller also said that the Polish government was considering revealing the exact scale of its military assistance to Ukraine because “some people, even at home, are trying to make the impression that Poland’s aid may not be as far-reaching as it seems.”


Müller estimated that Poland’s military aid to Ukraine “runs into billions of zlotys,” the PAP news agency reported.

[1 Polish zloty = EUR 0.21]