Civil Georgia
May 7, 2022

Calls Mount for Saakashvili’s Transfer Abroad, Gov’t Refuses

The ex-President’s ally, Nika Melia, chair of the United National Movement, has expressed confidence that “in the near future Saakashvili will be transferred to a clinic abroad.”

Speaking with government-critical TV Pirveli, Melia argued on May 5 that amid Russia’s aggression against Ukraine, the opinion has ripened among the international community that Saakashvili, who during his presidency faced a “barbaric invasion from Russia” should not remain incarcerated.

“Not just because of his current health condition, not because the [group of experts] said that Saakashvili could not recover in the conditions of the penitentiary but simply because he should not be a hostage,” Melia declared.

The opposition leader said the UNM plans to be proactive abroad to garner support for Saakashvili’s transfer.