Georgian Ministry of Defnese
May 14, 2022

Georgian Special Operations Forces participated in the international exercise “Trojan Footprint 2022”

A two-week large-scale exercise was organized on the European continent by the US Special Operations Command (SOCEUR) in Europe. Georgian Defense Forces Special Operations Forces have taken part in it for the second time.

From the Georgian side, along with Sodz, Er. Representatives of the Guard Military Reserve Unit and volunteer organizations.

The exercises were held simultaneously in several countries on the European continent. Special Operations Forces units from Georgia, the United States, the United Kingdom, Romania, and Spain have been undergoing joint training in land and naval components in eastern and western Georgia.

The Trojan Footprint 2022 demonstrates the collective military readiness of NATO-led Special Operations Forces in Southeastern Europe, the Baltic States and the Black Sea region, and strengthens cooperation and alliance between Allied and Partner Special Operations Forces.