Anadolu Agency
May 20, 2022

Relations with Turkiye to thrive under new Somali president, say experts

As Somalia’s longstanding political standoff ended with members of both houses of parliament that elected Hassan Sheikh Mohamud the country’s president for the next four years, analysts are debating the direction of his foreign policy.

Somalia’s foreign policy had changed under outgoing President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed, known as Farmajo, as his tenure witnessed disputes between Somalia and Kenya due to Nairobi’s alleged involvement in Somalia’s internal affairs. There were also accusations against the United Arab Emirates (UAE) for allegedly instigating political chaos in the country.


Speaking to Anadolu Agency, Abdi Wali Garad, a teaching associate at Birmingham University…expects the continuation of a good relationship with Turkiye.

“I’m saying this because of historical references; both in the past and present histories,” he said.


Somalia is the gateway to Africa. It has substantial resources and occupies a strategic location.


“Turkiye’s support for Somalia since President Erdogan’s visit to the country…is viewed as support from an honest, brotherly nation in times of need for the Somali people,” he said.

Somalia and Turkiye, he said, will probably deepen their economic and security relationship during this upcoming administration.


Turkiye is also helping Somalia rebuild a professional military by training its officers and soldiers, besides supplying substantial amounts of military equipment.

“It’s important to remember that Somalia is still under a UN arms embargo. So, one could argue that Turkiye is willing to do more for Somalia in the defense sector, but the arms embargo is preventing that from happening,” said Ainashe.


There are thousands of Somali students pursuing all sorts of undergraduate and graduate-level degrees at Turkish universities.