Polish Radio
May 21, 2022

Polish army will be boosted in response to Russia’s war on Ukraine: defence minister

Poland’s defence minister on Saturday said that the Polish army would become “even bigger and stronger” than today, to guard against the Russian threat.

Mariusz Błaszczak made the declaration as he launched a campaign to promote voluntary basic military service….


He added: “We won’t allow such scenes to happen on Polish soil – we won’t allow it because our army is and will be even bigger, it is and will be even stronger.”


Poland to expand army to 300,000 soldiers

“Our aim is to have a combined force of 300,000, including 250,000 career soldiers and 50,000 territorial army soldiers,” the defence minister told the gathering in Kraśnik.

In March, Poland enacted a new homeland defence law to modernise and expand the country’s armed forces into one of the strongest in NATO….