May 31, 2022

NATO discusses Ukraine war, strengthening alliance in Assembly involving Georgia’s Parliamentary delegation

…Ukraine [and] strengthening NATO and adapting it to the growing threats were discussed in a Parliamentary Assembly of the alliance in Vilnius between Friday and Monday, with the Permanent Delegation of the Parliament of Georgia involved.

Led by Irakli Beraia, the Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Defence and Security, the Delegation featured in the session that reviewed hybrid threats, NATO’s open door policy and partner support, the upcoming Madrid Summit and a new strategic concept.

During the session, the members of the Georgian representation held bilateral meetings with delegations of the United States, Great Britain, France, Romania, Lithuania, Poland, Estonia, Finland and Sweden….

The representatives of member states reaffirmed their “unwavering support” for Georgia’s sovereignty and territorial integrity and the country’s Euro-Atlantic aspirations in the meetings, pointing out Georgia was an “important” partner of NATO and it was “necessary” to further strengthen support for the country “in all directions”.

The main messages of the Georgian delegation to the partners were to accelerate Georgia’s accession to the Alliance, strengthen the NATO military presence in the Black Sea region, increase support for Georgia’s defence capabilities and resilience, and to put “maximum pressure” on Russia in the wake of its invasion of Ukraine.