Radio Poland
June 7, 2022

US ambassador reaffirms Washington’s support for 3 Seas Initiative: audio report

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Addressing the participants on the opening day of the 3 Seas Local Government Congress, Mark Brzezinski reiterated his country’s full support for Ukraine’s aspirations, as well as for the 3 Seas Initiative.

The previous US administration had been vocal in its support for the 3 Seas Initiative, viewing it as an opportunity to strengthen the economies of key US allies in Central and Eastern Europe, as well as lessen their dependence on Russian energy sources.

​”Regional cooperation has been something the American government has supported around the world. We want this region to be strong and prosper, despite the Ukraine crisis. We support the people of Ukraine in their struggle against Russian oppression. And we are walking the walk, not just talking the talk when it comes to that,” Ambassador Mark Brzezinski told Radio Poland‘s Danuta Isler in Lublin.